Waxed Canvas Basket Marigold (retired style, last call)

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Our waxed canvas fabric baskets are very popular!

They have been retired by the maker, so this is our final stock.

They can be used for a variety of things like displaying (dry) fruits, hiding not-so-pretty planters (use a saucer!), as a gift basket, storage for remotes & game controllers, use in the bathroom and more!

+ Marigold waxed canvas base
+ 100% linen top with fabric designed by us!
+ White canvas lining
+ Genuine leather handles cut in studio
+ Rivets
+ Approximately 6.5" width x 6.5" length x 6" height

Care instructions: we recommend that you store ONLY dry items in this basket (no wet fruits, plants without saucers, etc) as the basket cannot be washed. Washing would ruin the waxed canvas finish and leather. For small stains, we recommend a wet rag and light scrubbing. Air dry.