Noted Box

Noted Box

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‘Noted’ Box! A nature inspired stationery box.


These are themed collections curated by Tangerine & Olive with fun handcrafted or small batched manufactured products for you to try! Made by our Makers throughout America & Canada.


How it works -


You will receive between 2-5 items per box:

2-3 items for boxes up to $35

4-5 for boxes $45 and up

Some items you may find in your ‘Noted’ Box: card, notepads, pencils, stickers, note cards, boxed cards, journals and more!

 These boxes were created to bring a smile to your face during these challenging times. They help to keep the lights on at my shop and help me to continue to support my awesome Makers. Thank you for your support!

All items are carefully handpicked for you by Tangerine & Olive. 


All Box Sales are final. Sorry no returns.